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Whether you have a database linked to an application that is mission-critical or you have an idea for a new system and need assistance with the design and implementation of that database, CBI database experts are ready to assist. You may have a team fully capable of creating and maintaining the database, but just want to consult us on the design for optional performance, or you may only have an idea and need everything created. CBI database experts are here for you. Databases are used in almost all large applications that collect information. Sometimes databases get cumbersome and chaotic resulting in slowness, if this has happened to your database, consult CBI experts.

CBI works with corporations to move their client/server (or prior) generation IT infrastructure and applications to next-generation technologies. Many organizations face the task of implementing and managing complex, heterogeneous database environments. These environments often consist of one or more types of transactional database systems, specialized data warehousing database systems and packaged applications that interact, have interdependencies, and often overlap in function. And now with the Internet, companies need to integrate new and existing IT technologies with e-Commerce applications.

CBI's database service offers your organization:

  • Identification of Business Requirements/Processes
  • Process Modeling Integration
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Database Evaluation and Recommendations

CBI helps clients to meet their IT objectives in many situations:

  • New Projects
    CBI database experts work with a company's staff to understand and document the requirements of a particular Internet project. In the initial phase of any project, UML techniques such as the preparation of use cases, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, and data models enable CBI to translate business requirements into system requirements.
  • Existing Projects
    When a company struggles with back-end integration issues, CBI's experienced teams handle connectivity and utilize ODBC, or JDBC standards. They also understand and implement heterogeneous database technologies such as Oracle, and MS SQL Server.
  • Data Warehousing Projects
    Data warehousing utilizes Internet systems to collect data from various sources and market feeds. CBI's team uses sophisticated tools and technologies to enable data collection from various sources. This data is then presented to users for decision-making purposes.

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