As business becomes more complex, strategies become more important, especially as efficiencies are going to be more difficult to achieve. To attain desired efficiencies front-end solutions (including CRM) must be integrated with back-end systems. An unconnected or piecemeal system will be a strategic setback-and a major expense. CBI can help you integrate established corporate assets into a business strategy that will make your company more accessible to clients, connect supply and demand chains, and streamline business processes.

CBI consultants help you design, build, and operate business solutions. At CBI, we create strategic solutions that help companies gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We develop online and offline strategies that reduce costs, differentiate services, create new products and optimize value chain relationships. We provide answers end to end-from a customer, people, organizational, and technological perspective. We have the expertise and experience to take you into the future of e-business while preserving your valuable legacy data and reducing time-to-market.

The CBI approach consists of six key phases that enable businesses to define and implement their "go-to-market" strategy:

  1. Strategize:
    Articulates the overall strategy, business plan, or operational model.
  2. Define:
    Identifies mission critical initiatives for prioritization and implementation, obtains consensus within an organization, identifies "best" products and vendors, and creates proofs of concepts.
  3. Build:
    Builds and implements the required solutions along with the intra/inter-organizational processes across the Internet.
  4. Run:
    Launches and operates the company's flexible and scalable business solutions.
  5. Measure:
    Track and compare the results with the established benchmarks.
  6. Refine:
    Assimilate the information gathered and look for ways to improve the results.

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