Radio Frequency Identification
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CBI's RFID security systems are based upon the premise that no single RFID technology is best suited for all the market requirements that exist.

CBI is committed to providing RFID solutions that are modular, flexible and open. These solutions allow users to select the product and service that best fits their needs and resources. CBI's RFID approach is to offer radio frequency identification solutions that work with industry "standard protocols" and that allow users to expand, update, and upgrade their RFID networks as the technology evolves and their business grows.

RFID System Benefits:
  • Enables automatic identification of any material object, inventory items and employees, without scanning individual labels or cards, addressing immediate call-to-action for any unfamiliar object.
  • Anti-Collision algorithms are able to simultaneously read a large amount of tagged items at once.
  • Systems are modular, flexible and adaptable, based upon a platform of UHF RFID readers, and compatible with EPC (Electronic Product Code) open standards.

RFID Solutions:
  • Healthcare applications.
  • Patient tracking.
  • Item level and supply chain applications.
  • Asset Control.
  • Access control.
  • Security solutions.
  • Remote Temperature Monitoring.

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