server administration
Server Administration Standard
(up to 5 Hours per month)

CBI installs, configures, maintains, and upgrades your Web server farm infrastructure using the latest tools and know-how. You also get on-demand scalability for your hardware, software, and network needs.

Server Support and Maintenance includes:

Hardware administration:

Management of server components, servers, and storage devices; on-site component and hardware inventory; hardware warranty and failed parts replacement

Software administration:

Management of operating systems, Web and application software, and databases; secure remote administration

Network administration:

Management of switches, routers, load-balancers, and connectivity to Internet

Security administration:

Add - Delete user accounts, and setup access rights

Monthly Report:

A report on the system will be generated monthly

Server Administration Advanced
(up to 10 hours per month)

  • Includes all Basic options
  • Applicable only to Windows NT or 2000 servers
  • Monitoring of error logs, file systems capacities, and systems and disk performance
  • Monitor Advanced service included
  • Performance tuning
  • Patch installs as needed
  • Implementation of backup procedures
  • Daily tape rotation
  • Configuration of devices: disk drives, tape drives, and so on
  • Provide Webtrends web traffic statistics report
  • Webtrends web traffic statistics
  • Telephone and email support
  • 24-hour emergency pager support
  • Guaranteed 2-hour response time during business hours and 4-hour response during off hours

Server Administration Premium
(Full Service)

  • Includes all options in Server Administration Advanced
  • Immediate response in the case of server down or malfunction
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Operating system and application software installation and configuration
  • Failed hardware parts replacement

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