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CBI Systems is uniquely qualified to design, develop and implement a custom Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint™ Services version solution designed specifically to meet the needs of your project.

Dedicated Solutions That Meet Your Requirements

CBI Systems can implement a Windows SharePoint Services solution dedicated to your project to support the following unique requirements:

  • SSL required to support secure, encrypted, internet access by end-users.
  • Custom SharePoint web-parts and other packages requiring custom server-side software.
  • Single account access to multiple root-level sites allowing end-users the flexibility to use a single account ID to access multiple, different root-level sites.
  • Integration with an existing Active Directory to seamlessly integrate your CBI Systems Windows SharePoint Services solution with your existing IT infrastructure.

Custom solutions that meet your budget

CBI Systems provides a spectrum of dedicated solutions to meet your technical requirements and budget constraints. Different configurations include:

  • Standard Dedicated – Combines a pair of dedicated front-end servers with a shared SQL cluster and shared storage infrastructures to give you the maximum flexibility at the lowest cost. This solution uses a dedicated Active Directory forest and virtual SQL database that leverage the shared infrastructure.
  • Advanced Dedicated – Fully dedicated solution including front-end web servers, global directory controllers, and a dedicated SQL cluster connected to dedicated storage.
  • Custom Dedicated – Depending on your unique requirements, CBI Systems can define numerous combinations of the architecture to create a solution that meets your needs.

Enterprise-Class Solutions for Mission-Critical Projects

All of CBI's dedicated WSS solutions are hosted in a tier-1 data center, and managed by CBI Systems. Under any configuration, your solution will be:

  • Full-Featured – A turn-key combination of Microsoft's latest generation of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services built on top of and delivered by Windows Server 2003. Windows SharePoint Services provides next generation web-based collaboration that is fully integrated with Office 2003.
  • Reliable – 99.9% service level guarantees (SLA) accomplished using a fully redundant architecture including load-balanced front-end servers, Active Directory replication, clustered SQL back end servers, and high-availability storage.
  • Secure – Physical security provided by tier 1 hosting and network security enforced using CISCO PIX firewalls.
  • Scalable – Scalable with virtually no limits on provisioning multiple root-level sites, sub-sites, and users (subject to your contracted storage) using SQL-based dynamic storage allocation.
  • Cost-Efficient – Minimal project start-up costs and predictable on-going costs.

For more information on dedicated and/or custom Windows SharePoint Services solutions or to discuss your unique requirements, please contact CBI Systems Corporate Sales.

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