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Design is about communication and communication is as much about what is spoken as what is not. Design must consider how a solution flows, how it looks, and how it feels. To ensure quality design one needs to listen, fully comprehend, and appreciate your ideas and thoughts so that a plan can be developed for creating the envisioned solution.

To ensure that CBI can meet all of the obligation and requirements of design, our team consists of planning and design personnel who can plan, create, and invent any solution that may be envisioned.

The expertise of the team includes:

  • Graphic Design
  • Process Mapping
  • Systems Architecture
  • Web Site Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • DataBase Design and Programming

Our designers work closely with our clients in developing the site's structure, navigation, brand consistency, and aesthetics.

CBI designers have focused on web site design taking it to a new height by creating functional sites that create a positive and rich experience for all visitors. Our web page design team also posses the expertise to produce dazzling multimedia experiences using technologies such as Flash.

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