web site maintenance
In keeping with CBI's mantra of providing flexible cost effective solutions CBI maintains everything it builds plus those that we did not. In addition to the packaged maintenance programs offered CBI will customize a program to meet your specific requirements.

If you would like to discuss your situation and requirements please contact us.

Level 1 - Reactive
CBI will take a hands-off approach performing only those tasks you request. We will be your ears, eyes and hands when you want or need or help.

Level 2 - Proactive Instruction
With this level of support CBI will monitor your Web Site and any supporting databases. As soon as a problem is identified you will be notified of the situation with a recommended solution. CBI will await your instructions again being your eyes ears and hands to carry the needed fixes.

Level 3 - Fully Proactive
This level of maintenance is truly a no worries approach. CBI will monitor the your Web Site at the slightest indication of a problem our staff will respond and correct the situation. This level can be expanded to include any of your supporting databases.

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